Angriest Trainer 164: Why Be America’s Angriest Trainer, Nutritional Deprogramming, The Jersey Shore


Anna interviews Vinnie to find out why exactly he’s America’s Angriest Trainer and the types of nutritional brainwashing we are deprogramming.  Dean Lorey and Jon Smith pop in for updates.

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  1. Hi Vin, gonna bust your three balls a bit today. (Shout out to Guam!) How is it that you justify drinking copious amounts of coffee, even if it is with full fat? I've been taught to "nourish" the body rather than "stimulate" the body. Is coffee an acceptable mistake? Not a deal breaker? I write this as I sit here drinking a full fat cup of Joe trying to justify my own behavior. Maybe you can address this issue on a future podcast. Have a great day Vinnie. Take good care of Guam!! scottyO-Aspen

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