Angriest Trainer 49: The David Holt Interview


Vinnie and Anna interview Ultracyclist record holder David Holt.

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  1. "Kumba-fuckyou" hahahaah… best line of the show!

  2. Yes Brandon, I've been told that I have a way with words! LOL

  3. Katherine Podein says:

    Hey Vinnie,
    Mind sharing with the listeners some of your favorite smoothie recipes for the Vitamix? I love my go-to green smoothie but need to change it up a bit. Thanks!

  4. Katherine, I actually talked about this in one of the 3 podcast we recorded today… I gave the recipe to what I call my "FAT" drink that will make you thin! Heavy cream, whole yogurt, raw nuts, frozen berries, spinach, kale and chia seeds. Do not expect a sweat taste, but do expect to have a ton of energy.

    • Katherine Podein says:

      Good thing it won't have a "sweat" taste but I won't expect a sweet taste either! I'll have to try that one out swapping out the cream and yogurt for almond or coconut milk instead. Thanks!

  5. Michael Moschitta says:

    so no veggie or whey protein, then

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