Angriest Trainer 139: Hydration, Mark Bittman, and People Who Think They’re Eating Low Carb


Vinnie and Anna discuss how to hydrate and replenish electrolytes for your summer workouts; Mark Bittman’s fantastic article in the New York Times, “It’s The Sugar, Folks;” and people who think they’re eating low carb, but they’re not.

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Michael Tortorich sums up the podcast in the My Uncle Vinnie Blog Wrap Up:

Early in this podcast, Vinnie talks about his early days in Los Angeles when he was peddling his radio wares. Anna brings up how Dr. Drew (Dr. Drew Pinsky) got his start with Loveline. Vinnie goes into how he and I originally started a blog, which evolved into this podcast. Later, they talk hydration and electrolytes. They also get into a conversation about GMOs, and people who think they are eating low-carb diets, but aren’t.

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  1. Kate Susanna says:

    That's a terrifying video!
    So I'm getting back to an athletic lifestyle, my goal is to become an ultra athlete. I've been doing the no sugar no grains since January of this year. I've lost 30 lbs which is awesome but I definitely noticed the plateau at the 20-25 lb lost mark. I know this is not a race and I feel amazing, and healthy and that is such a wonderful feeling to have again.
    I'm conscious of my calories, not obsessive, however I have a lot of weight to shed. I guess I'm worried if I should cut out cheese completely. I'm working out an hour and a half to 2 hours a day. But I feel like my weight has been staling for about a month and a half. Any suggestion? I am a true believer in this lifestyle, I'm just worried I may be doing something wrong.- like perhaps eating too much full fat cheese.- I eat cheese for my after workout snack, and I use cheese on my dinner meals and have 1 cup of whole milk a day.

    • John C Harris says:

      Looks like the idiot motorcyclists buzzing around San Antonio Florida.

    • Kate, it sounds like you're doing well… Cut back on the cheese and see what happens… Sometimes people have trouble with too much dairy! Please keep us posted!

    • Mo Fehn says:

      Kate, re cheese: "New Atkins for a New You" (Westman, Phinney, Volek) recommends no more than 4 oz. of cheese in the induction phase. Milk is not on the program. How about experimenting with a milk delete and weighing your cheese for a few weeks and see what happens?

    • Kate try downloading the Atkins App – that way you can really track your carbs. I love a latte with whole milk but a cup has 11g of carbs so I know if I have two of those I'm likely to hang on to a pound or two. Not to say it won't shift eventually.

      so now I have one in the morning and if I'm working out I'll have one just before.

      Try measuring yourself for a few weeks instead of weighing. I certainly am slimmer but not lighter grrrrr.

  2. Interesting video. Hopefully the bicycle guys are okay. But what about the guy who highsided and flew over the guardrail. And Vinnie. Are you training these newscasters? They look marvelously fit!

    • This happened on a ride that I do often… I talked to the cameraman… He said that the motorcyclist was a pure novice and the two guys hit were visiting from England.

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