Angriest Trainer 123: Cellulite and The BJ Tucker Interview


Vinnie and Anna talk all things cellulite, plus they talk to Superfan and SuperDad BJ Tucker who is turning around the fitness program in the great state of Texas.

Mercola Article on Cellulite here.

Michael Tortorich sums up the podcast in the My Uncle Vinnie Blog Wrap Up:

This episode goes right into the ongoing theme of Vinnie’s obsession with a particular Curtis Mayfield song. Vinnie and Anna have been in the studio for the long haul, including some time on Jimmy Moore’s podcast. They then get into a discussion of cellulite. That leads to a discussion of the Mercola article (linked above). Later, they chat with BJ Tucker, who has been working to make changes in the health and fitness programs in education.

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  1. If he wants to get to boston he should look into the FIRST program.

  2. B.J. Tucker says:

    Thanks Vinnie and Anna for having me on the show! It is great having this type of support to create change in our schools here in Texas!

  3. How about 'YOU OUGHTA DRINK WATER' as a slogan/tag line. I was thinking about the water thing. My daughter only really drinks water but my husband often will give her a juice. If we're out I encourage a milkshake or a smoothie. BUT at her school every Friday it's kids Cafe where the kids buy a lunch. She has a slice of homemade pizza I'm okay with that it's not every day. BUT they do sell a lot of frozen juices etc…I need to check out what they are and maybe campaign for them to offer water or a glass of milk! Doesn't hurt to try does it. Incidentally here in Australia once a week in elementary school they still have PE with a lot of after school sports clubs. It's a very outdoor sporting nation kids are in clubs at the beach or athletics etc. Still see my share of fatties but seem to be more around 16 yrs and older, not the kiddies.

    • B.J. Tucker says:

      Thanks Joanne! I know we are all taught to drink our juice here in the states, I did not realize until recently how bad it was. I have always shied away from processed juice and would still drink the fresh stuff, but now it is only coconut water after a hard session or water. I was thinking about "Got Water", or "Water, the Good Stuff!"

    • My husband always buys juice and gives it to my daughter. We have a kitchen full of fresh fruit delivered each week from local farms. Why not throw all that into the vitamix – way better option. Parents we are lazy time poor etc. I make her heaps of that kind of smoothie if she wants a juice. Even throw in spinach if she's not looking.

  4. Slowly getting upto date again, another great show guys, I always get excited when I hear my name mentioned :-)

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