Angriest Trainer 87: Vegans vs. Carnivores


Vinnie and Anna discuss eating habits of Vegans vs. Carnivores.

Michael Tortorich sums up the podcast in the My Uncle Vinnie Blog Wrap Up:

The self-proclaimed King of Fitness returns, discussing Title IX and women in combat early in the show. Vinnie and Anna also talk about a former podcast guest, Jennifer Bricker. They then get into a discussion on vegans and carnivores. This episode ends with Vinnie and Anna answering a few listener questions.

Jennifer Bricker

Jennifer Bricker

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  1. Vinnie, great stuff buddy, thanks. I'm new to your nutrition ideas but quite excited to experiment! I come from more of a Rich Roll philosophy(Big fan). I luv the no grains/no sugar thoughts. Would you please speak more on how you fuel your long endurance workouts. Do you turn to maltodextrin or something else? Is is still a good idea to carbo load with grains/pasta the night before a long race or stick with meat and veggies? More on how an ultra runner can survive his workouts and races on a low carb diet. Thanks bro. scottyO-Aspen

    • Scott, I will get into that more on the podcast, but here is a short answer. There is no reason to ever carbo load. It never worked and it never will. There are great books on the subject that you can read. You should start with, "The Art And Science Of Low Carbohydrate Living" By Phinney and Volek. They will answer tons of questions. As far as fueling, I would stay away from maltodextrin. There is a product that I do like, it's called Generation UCAN. I don't make a dime to push it, but go to their site, and you'll see what I'm talking about. There is also a blog written by DR. Peter Attia. It's a great place to start. Keep listening and I will try to cover your questions.

    • BTW, Tim Olson the winner of an Ultra 100 mile marathon recently is on this kind of diet. As a matter of fact Volek and Phinney was following his progress during the race

  2. Art and Science of Low carb Performance was my latest tweak to my low carb diet and it is amazing that I can IF for 16 to 19 hours then go to the gym and lift heavy stuff after that I am NOT even hungry and literally have my next meal 2 hours after lifting.

    • Hi Butch, I was at that race crewing for a friend and I got to watch Tim in action that day. There is a 3rd guy that was instrumental in helping Phinney & Volek collect data from all of the low carb runners in that race and he is a friend of mine. It showed that most of the low carb runners in that race bested their PR times! A funny side note, Tim was in LA several weeks before the race training. He was staying with my Ultra friend. She said to me that she noticed that Tim was eating that same crazy diet that I eat! LOL

    • very very cool…. I tell my fellow martial arts instructor my "diet" and they just do not believed especially when I add to that I IF for 16 hours then lift weights for an hour before I even have my next meal 2 hours after. They think I'm just crazy…. well I feel the best I have ever been in my life @ 50. FTW :)

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