Angriest Trainer 102: Cosmetics Industry Rant & The Adam Chaim Interview


Vinnie and Anna rant against the cosmetics industry’s trickery, plus an interview with the wonderful PE teacher Adam Chaim (Adam’s twitter and blog).

Michael Tortorich sums up the podcast in the My Uncle Vinnie Blog Wrap Up:

This episode leads off with a discussion on beauty products. Vinnie and Anna get into the details of the cosmetics industry, drawing parallels to the health and fitness world. Later, they welcome Adam Chaim (his links available above) to the show. They discuss the current state of physical education, which Adam experiences firsthand as a teacher. “They think they don’t need to do things for themselves,” Adam says of the common student. Later in the show, they get into talk of diet, and the food choices readily available to students.

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  1. Karen Foley Yokley says:

    My dad always would tell me when I would say, "I can't".

    "Can't never could!" Thanks Dad for believing in me and teaching me to not say CAN"T.

  2. Very interesting talk today about our young students and what is lacking in our systems with your teacher adam chaim. Would love to hear more about his diet and better food choices tap hat need to be had. Looking forward to hearing more thanks. M. Pearson


    this video is great and specifically check-out minute 27:00.

  4. Jonathan Levy says:

    Mr. Chaim is an extremely knowledgable person. As a coach and teacher of mine he mentored me to getting physically active and is a main reason I am so involved in the fitness community today. He is an excellent guest to have on your show and someone who I would love to hear again!

  5. Daniel Dui says:

    What's the title of the book on cosmetics mentioned in the episode?

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