Angriest Trainer 56: Andrea Anders Follow-Up


Vinnie and Anna check in with Andrea Anders’ first week with No Sugar No Grains.  A very happy Andrea hits Vinnie with a great QandA.

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  1. I agree with Anna regarding no alcohol. My progress has been slow, but after a week of no wine, 1 kg, (2 lbs) gone.

  2. You guys are really starting to convince me on the vitamix. Is Anna going to start giving recipes in the podcasts? That would be great. It's on my Christmas list, we'll see what happens!

    • Katie, The Vitamix always seems like a crazy purchase, but once you have it, you wonder how you lived without it. Let me know what you decide to do!

    • It's on my list and I've been good, so hopefully my husband will click on your link (and get the train down the track and all that). Looking forward to some fabulous recipes from Anna. You guys are great! Thanks for the mention on the podcast- made my day!

  3. Jeff Trost says:

    Love your podcast! I was just wondering do you have your vitamix smoothies as meal replacements at times?

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