Angriest Trainer 172: Dietitian Cassie


Vinnie and Anna talk to Dietitian Cassie, who is smart and gorgeous and adorbs all rolled in to one:

Dietitian Cassie

Check out her site here.


Anna, Andrea Anders and Minnie Driver with wedding fever.Anna Andrea Minnie 2013

Michael Tortorich‘s Angriest Trainer sidebar blog:

Vinnie and Anna talk about a recent wedding outing, as you can see in the above photo. Then Vinnie gives an update on his kayak adventure. Later, Vinnie and Anna interview Registered Dietician Cassie, as seen above.

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  1. Sean McClintock says:

    I so want to like these podcasts. But I'm 5 minutes into this and it's nothing but two people bullshitting! When is there going to be some actual substance in the podcast?

  2. Listen past the 5 main mark and it gets better

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