Angriest Trainer 60: The Truth About Body Wraps


Vinnie grills an independent distributor of fad body wraps to get to the truth for our lovely listeners.

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  1. I don't want to be your biggest fan. I want to be your leanest fan. ;)

  2. Loved it. I have a FB friend consulting for this company. I knew it was bogus. Lol. Vinnie, I thought you were gonna rip her a new one on air.

  3. Michael Tortorich says:

    I had no idea my body was full of toxins…

  4. Vinnie, I was in my office cracking up when she said you could pee out fat.

  5. Chloe Elfrink says:

    Ugh. I guess I'll have to call off my body wrap party. We will just drink instead….much better idea ;) And who knew you could pee out fat? Wow! I'm so tired of people trying to push that crap – and the people who fall for it!

  6. Tony Tonio Tony says:

    This was funny lmao.

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