Ultra sports and the Furnace Creek 508

I was just training one of my clients. Let’s call him Russ.

Why? Well, that’s his name.

I like training Russ. He’s a good guy. He’s easy to get along with.

But there’s more. Russ and I have something in common. We both like to shoot skeet and trap.

The clay pigeon sports were created for one reason and one reason only. So that hunters can practice in the off season.

The odd thing is, neither Russ nor myself hunt live birds anymore.

I’m not sure when Russ quit but I did in my early 20s.

The one thing I didn’t stop doing was shooting. As a matter of fact, it’s one of my favorite pastimes. It’s my relaxation. My 18 holes, if you will.

Guys like myself spend a lot of time and money on shooting equipment and guns. Hell, I even reload my own shells, which takes extra time.

I told you that to tell you this. Anyone who knows me knows that I love ultra racing, particularly cycling.

As a matter of fact, I’ll be out at the famous Furnace Creek 508 this weekend (starting Oct. 5) signing my book, Fitness Confidential.

When it’s over, I’m not leaving. I’ve been asked to officiate the race. It starts Saturday morning, bright and early, and goes 48 hours to Monday morning, non-stop.

You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to this sleepless weekend. I truly love being around it that much.

It got me thinking. What do I actually love about this sport? Then I realized it’s just like skeet shooting to me. It’s all about the process, not the end result.

Any ultra athlete will tell you that the actual race is almost meaningless compared to the amount of time and effort you put into it.

Which brings me back to diet and exercise. When a new client asks, “How long will it take to lose this weight?” I remind them that if that’s their attitude, they’re already sunk.

I reply with, “Why do you want to know? Are you going to stop when you get there?”

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  1. Buzz Park says:

    "When a new client asks, “How long will it take to lose this weight?” I remind them that if that’s their attitude, they’re already sunk."

    For me, and I would imagine many others, this is THE great mental battle with #NSNG. When we've gone down the road of dieting and failure for so long, it's very difficult to stop asking "how long will this take?" because we've become conditioned to the quick fix of a crash diet. Also, many diet books out there try to tell the reader that their diet isn't a diet, but rather a lifestyle change. However, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE for the calorie-in calorie-out method of eating and weight loss to become a lifestyle. At least for 99% of us. It's just plain unnatural, as we now understand from many of the books recommended on this website, including Vinnie's.

    I weighed in this morning to see the results of my first month of the #NSNG and was initially disappointed that I had "only" lost 9 lbs. I thought to myself "this might take longer that I had hoped"… But then I reminded myself that I'm not in this to lose some weight and be done with it; I'm in it for the long-haul. Assuming that what I call my "grand experiment" of #NSNG works (which it clearly has so far), I intend to live this way for the rest of my life. Literally, forever.

    With that in mind, I''m now ecstatic that I have lost 9 lbs eating stuff that I never thought I would be able to eat again. Whole eggs? With butter? Blueberries and cream? Are you fricking kidding me? I haven't had blueberries and cream since I was 12! Is this for real? You mean I can have bacon for breakfast every day???

    I was just having a conversation with my 17 yr old daughter about this topic this morning at the breakfast table. Fortunately, she has adopted this lifestyle with me because she has struggled with her weight since going through puberty. We were discussing which day of the week we were going to weigh ourselves, and she didn't want to weigh in the morning after her "cheat meal". I tried to encourage her that the idea of a cheat meal implies a diet, not a lifestyle change. While she understands this, it is still difficult to get past the "how long will this take" mentality. For me, too, really.

    I believe that avoiding sugars and grains is truly the answer. It is so much easier than anything I've tried before and the science just makes sense to me. But more than the science, for me, is the idea that I'm not overweight just because I'm a lazy glutton. The idea it possibly ISN'T MY FAULT, that what I've been told was the "correct way of eating" to be thin has had the EXACT OPPOSITE AFFECT is SO LIBERATING for me that I am giddy. No more guilt, no more condemnation and self-loathing. Just some simple adjustments to the way I eat and the weight comes off naturally. Amazing.

    So, I DON'T CARE how long it takes. If I lose 5, 10, 20 lbs a month doesn't matter anymore. Sure, I'm going to track it; I can't help it. But I'm in this for the long haul and I hope my example will eventually be an inspiration to my daughter and other family and friends who have struggled with the exact same thing.

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