The Cheena Bike Letter

From Superfan Cindy “Cheena Bike”:

Something amazing happened yesterday while I was riding my bike. One of my fellow cyclists/kick-ass chick AKA- Kristie Concepcion said to me: Hey, follow behind my wheel, come on! I said- Who me? Yeah right! I thought me? She’s an Ironman and she kicks ass. But anyhow, I did and was able to hang on for a good 5 miles with her!

3 months ago, I could of never done this! The point to this message is:

2 hrs before my cycling, I ate 2 hard boiled eggs and half a slice of a small avocado. Right before the ride I had my own homemade coconut oil/peanut butter ball thingies that I make for the week.

When I followed behind her, it was like something in my legs turned on, like turbo? And I was fine, no pain and I didn’t feel like I was going to bonk! I had this burst of energy!!! It was amazing Granted, this is not how I’ve been riding. I’ve been following your advice and I alternate between zones and I think that all this hard work was put to the test yesterday. So, It’s good to know that If I needed to go that fast my body could do it. WOW!!

I know you’re a pro! But this to me is a big deal and I see so much more potential in me with my biking and I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you, thank you! It’s like finally that light bulb turned on!!! I get criticize by family and friends who do not agree with my NSNG lifestyle…They tell me that I’m killing myself, but I’ve never as great as I do now!!! I must be doing something right! I just tend to be a little impatient and just want to shed all this weight off NOW! But I know how it works now all thanks to you.