Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions – Episode 733


: Episode 733 – Happy New Year! Vinnie & Anna talk about new year’s resolutions, some recent NSNG shakes and meals, the infamous Vagina Weightlifting Contest, and bad nutritional advice to the military.


(3:15) – Auld Lang Syne – Confusing song and nobody really knows what it means, but we’ll be playing it anyway.

(6:00) – Anna Vocino’s book Eat Happy is doing well. Thank you to all the listeners who are buying the book and recommending it to your friends.

  • The days of not knowing what to cook for NSNG or low-carb meals are gone. Also gone are the days of eating fat-free Snackwells and garbage like that.


(13:30) – Vinnie talks about how people in the 80’s and 90’s would begin to crave sugar in the middle of their aerobic exercise.

  • After they were done, they would eat a cookie or a muffin to replenish their glycogen.  
  • Doing this regularly causes the brain to begin associating low glycogen with eating a dessert. 
  • After awhile people would skip the aerobics and just go get their treat in their tights and scrunchies.
  • Then, people would attempt to lose the extra weight they gained by denying themselves the sweets, (but the sugar cravings remain)
  • Self-denial is not sustainable and leads to disorders


(16:40) – New Year’s Resolutions

  • December phone consults are very booked because people are preparing for their resolutions
  • Vinnie doesn’t like resolutions or any kind of decree where you say you’re going to make an extreme change on Monday because they generally don’t stick.
  • Start working towards Monday instead of blowing it out until Monday…

Anyone who’s going to keep eating like an idiot all the way through the weekend and just cramming food in because they think they’re going to start something on Monday, I have news for you, by Tuesday you’re going to fail.





  • Forcing things is where you’re going to trip yourself up. 
  • Bring it on easy, break into it. Don’t go cold turkey. That will feel too restrictive and will lead to failure


(24:45) – Since it’s been cooler out, Vinnie has been making his NSNG shake HOT

  • If you throw your raw veggies into your vitamix and let them spin on high for a few minutes, they get hot. They’re not cooked, per se, but they are hot
  • Today, Vinnie put in broccoli, cauliflower, water, bone broth until hot. Then he put in some turmeric, Tabasco, and salt-and-pepper. Then, once it’s hot he added some Villa Cappelli olive oil and a splash of cream at the very end, all poured into a big giant mug
  • Basically, it was a puréed soup
  • Tons of energy

(28:20) – Anna’s NSNG food today…

  • Got up at 6:30 AM and had some “bulletproof” coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil, a teaspoon of MCT Oil, and some cinnamon whipped in.
  • At 11 AM she had a grass fed beef patty spiced up with salt and pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, sautéed onions and pickles over some lettuce, with Eat Happy balsamic vinaigrette and 2 pieces of bacon for lunch.

(30:10) – Vinnie talks about is omlette recipe where he beats the eggs in the Vitamix and mixes in a little half-and-half, puts it in a hot skillet with some cooked pancetta, some grated cheese and then some fresh avocado just before he folds it over.

  • Anna recommends sautéing a little onion or shallots into the pancetta grease before putting in your eggs


(33:00) – Vinnie and Anna announced the Amazon winner

  • She will win a black F#&K Quinoa T-shirt
  • You can get in the running to be the Amazon winner by purchasing products on Amazon using the Amazon banner link on

(36:00) – A lot of people wanted the Favorite Breakfast Scrambled Eggs limited T-shirt after it was no longer offered but they will not be sold again.

  • The same is going to happen with the F#&K Quinoa limited edition T-shirt, so get them what you can.


(39:30) – Vinnie relays a funny story about him asking a porn star to be in his Vagina Weightlifting Contest

  • Vinnie wanted to have a “Vagina Weight Lifting Contest” a few years ago because there was a gal on the Internet who would pick up things with her vagina using kegel exercises (Kim Anami). Vinnie & Anna had some funny sashes made for it but nobody was interested in participating.
  • Vinnie & Anna want to invite Kim Anami to the studio to do some demos and an interview


(52:00) – A friend at Travis Air Force Base sent some pictures of the very outdated and incorrect recommended meal plans from the nutritional clinic

  • Generally, they are very low-fat/high carb
  • Very depressing and sad meal plan
  • Lifestyle recommendations are made to lower cholesterol


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