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Don’t Eat Paint!

The worst of the “Other Ingredients,” found in your vitamins is something called “Titanium Dioxide.” Titanium Dioxide is used as a “mineral whitener” to strip out the natural color, so that they can then put in an artificial color.

Do you know what other products contain Titanium Dioxide? PAINT! It’s what’s used to make that nice white paint SO white. It’s also used in many sunscreen products (where it also doesn’t belong and is unnecessary, carrying with it serious health risks).

Titanium Dioxide is dangerous, and shouldn’t be ingested. It has been indicated in such ailments as Crohn’s Disease, colon cancer, kidney damage and immune function problems.

Don’t eat paint! Pure Vitamin Club vitamins have no artificial fillers or chemicals added. No titanium dioxide. No paint. Just pure vitamins.

Don’t Eat Sand!

Almost all vitamins have silica as a filler in them. What is silica? Sand. Some companies even try to pass it off as a nutrient! Don’t eat sand! Pure Vitamin Club vitamins have no artificial fillers or chemicals added. And NO SAND. Just vitamins. Pure, clean vitamins.

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