Vinnie has been a personal trainer for thirty years and has worked with all kinds of different people, from Hollywood celebrities, captains of industry, moms, athletes, post surgical clients and even children dealing with a weight problem.
Anna Vocino has a comedy face and a voice over mouth. She also makes limoncello and everything gluten free.

Angriest Trainer 199: Ben Greenfield and Paul Cappelli


Vinnie and Anna chat with Ben Greenfield about his latest podcast episode, which you should listen to, we think.

Bobby Kelly stand-up:

Angriest Trainer 198: 50K and Milton Miller Runs Across America


Vinnie and Anna talk to Milton Miller about running from Miami to Los Angeles. Check out Milton’s site 100 Days of Madness and his facebook fan page here.

Check out the very hilarious Bobby Kelly’s podcast here.

Angriest Trainer 197: The Kate Thompson Interview


Vinnie and Anna talk to Weight Watchers worker and Superfan Kate Thompson about her weight loss journey.  SueBob’s weigh-in blog post here.

Follow Kate Thompson on Twitter here.

Angriest Trainer 196: Andrew Weaver and Mark Perry


Vinnie and Anna chat with progressive Reverend Andrew Weaver, check out his blog Doughboy to Ironman here.  Then we welcome Superfan Mark Perry to talk about the Venice Marathon and airport food.

Donate to Mark Perry’s Venice Marathon fundraising efforts here.

Buy How to Run: From Fun Runs to Marathons and Everything in Between here.

Dee Dee Silverstein lookin’ GOOD:

Dee Dee Silverstein NSNG

Angriest Trainer 195: The Dr. Timothy Noakes Interview


Vinnie and Anna welcome legendary author, runner, and sports scientist Dr. Timothy Noakes to the show! Buy Dr. Timothy Noakes’ Lore of Running, 4th Edition and Waterlogged: The Serious Problem of Overhydration in Endurance Sports. Follow Dr. Noakes on twitter here. Buy Jimmy Moore’s Cholesterol Clarity: What The HDL Is Wrong With My Numbers?. Andrea Anders and Anna headed out to the People Magazine party: Andrea and Anna Wow, look at Jill Fogleman before and after!  Hubba hubba! Jill Fogleman Check out banana pants Pat Robertson here:

Angriest Trainer 194: Furnace Creek 508 and Jenny Andrews Anderson


Vinnie and Anna talk about the Furnace Creek 508 and Type 1 Diabetes with Jenny Andrews Anderson from design blog My Favorite And My Best.  Follow Jenny on Twitter here.

My development is arrested…I’m the crazy one

I was just thinking today that I probably don’t thank people enough.

Hell, after all, I have a website, which has a podcast and blog. I can, and do, use this medium as a way to reach hundreds of thousands of people a month.

I know this because I have fancy programs that tell me how many people are paying attention, and exactly where they are on the planet. Ain’t life grand?

When I want to thank someone, I can generally do it in a pretty big way, just by using my own resources.

For years people have asked me to write a book about my experiences in the fitness and weight loss game. Though I had written a book once before, about a totally different subject (it wasn’t even for adults, it was a children’s book), I didn’t want to do it.

I guess you could say it was sheer frustration. You see, I can’t stand the very industry I work in. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve met some nice people over the last thirty years.

My problem (as anyone who’s listened to my podcast knows) is that I work in an industry that would prefer to tell you a lie when it is just as easy to tell you the truth.

Listen, I’m no idiot. I know the only reason they lie is because there’s more money in it.

As it turns out, I’m not that interested in money. [Read more...]

Angriest Trainer 193: Sunday Monday Wrap Up with Jenny Andrews Anderson


Vinnie and Anna welcome design blogger Jenny Andrews Anderson from My Favorite And My Best to do a Sunday/Monday wrap up.  Vinnie talks about his history with the Furnace Creek 508.Jenny Andrews

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Angriest Trainer 192: Ben Greenfield, Matt Kelley, and Dr. Garth Davis


Vinnie and Anna talk to one of our favorites, Ben Greenfield about doing his Ironman in ketosis and cardio fatigue, plus a lovely chat with amazing VO actor Matt Kelley about Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Garth Davis.

Listen to Ben Greenfield’s podcast here.

Watch Matt Kelley in action here:

Here’s where Sprint M2M will tell you more about disabling texting while driving.

Angriest Trainer 191: Cynthia Kuni and BS Fitness Devices


Vinnie and Anna talk to harpist and endurance athlete Cynthia Kuni who stumbled upon the Angriest Trainer podcast and wrote this wonderful blog post (thank you, Cynthia)!  Find out why Vinnie shakes Anna by her ankles while discussing this article of ridiculousness.Cynthia KuniHere’s where Sprint M2M will tell you more about disabling texting while driving.