We’re Not White-Labeling – Episode 734


: Episode 734 – Vinnie & Andy talk about the difference between white-labeling vitamins and Pure Vitamin Club (PVC) as well as the reason for using 4 types of magnesium instead of just 1 in a magnesium supplement.


(2:15) – Often, people assume that Vinnie’s vitamin is white-labeled and that just uses his audience to sell someone else’s product.

  • White-labeling is very common and even some of close friends ask him if that is what he is doing with Pure Vitamin Club

(4:35) – One of Vinnie’s friends noticed that when he started taking Pure Vitamin Club vitamins, is pee was not fluorescent-yellow like when he takes other vitamins.


(5:10) – White-labeling is a common practice where people put their own brands on generic products

White-labeling is a very common practice where people essentially just slap their own label and their own brand on generic products – Andy Schreiber





  • Very common with makeup and hand-creams and things like that
  • Vinnie relays the story of when he was at the mall and there was a huge line for Kylie Jenner’s makeup store. One of Vinnie’s makeup-artist friends claims that Kylie Cosmetics is white-labeled
  • Many doctors have their own skincare labels and it’s often the same as Jergens lotion but charge much more for it.

(12:00) – Pure Vitamin Club vitamins do not turn your urine yellow because they are more readily absorbed by the body.

We don’t give you more of anything than your body can absorb – Andy Schreiber





(12:45) – Magnesium is not just magnesium

  • Pure Vitamin Club for different types of magnesium in their magnesium supplement:
    • Magnesium Glycinate
    • Magnesium Taurate
    • Magnesium Carbonate
    • Magnesium Citrate
  • Magnesium Citrate – the cheapest and most common form of magnesium, often used in laxatives because it has the strongest laxative effect, followed by magnesium carbonate.

(15:15) – PVC magnesium is much more gentle than most magnesium supplements because it is well-balanced and not dominated by magnesium citrate

(17:00) – Vinnie and Andy work hard to make PVC vitamins the best they can possibly make it

  • Many of Vinnie and Andy’s business friends tell them they should charge much more for the vitamins
  • Vinnie and Andy want to make the vitamins affordable. They are profitable, but not designed to screw the customer
  • They are in the business of helping people


(20:45) – By Anna’s book Eat Happy

  • Anna learned how to do food photography and took all the photos for the book herself!
  • Anna also personally invented, tested and perfected the recipes herself. She didn’t pull them off the Internet



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