Vinnie’s Simple Workout 101 – Episode 737


: Episode 737 – Vinnie explains his simple workout 101 plus he and Anna answer several Twitter questions about stevia and zero-calorie non-soda drinks.


(1:45) – Vinnie talks about how is family is like Gilda Radner’s character Roseanne Roseanna Danna

  • Died from cancer at age 42

(6:45) – Speaking of early deaths, Goerge Michael just died

  • Many great entertainers and celebrities died in 2016

(11:40) – Recorded on Boxing Day, the day after Christmas

  • Celebrated in the UK and other places


(15:50) – Vinnie & Anna announce the Amazon Winner

  • She will win a black F#&K Quinoa T-shirt
  • You can get in the running to be the Amazon winner by purchasing products on Amazon using the Amazon banner link on


(22:10) – Live Twitter Question: What about the Trader Joes Lightly-Salted Edamame – Yay or nay?

  • Edamame once and awhile is fine (but not when you first start NSNG for the first time)
  • Wine – one glass every couple weeks is fine, but no booze for the first 30-45 days when you’re starting NSNG


(25:00) – What about Crystal Light or other drinks like that?

  • Not as bad as diet soda but still has artificial sweetener
  • Even if you test your blood and your blood sugar doesn’t go up, it’s not helping you.

You can test your blood, you can have the fake sugar and then test your blood again and it won’t go up… But trust me, the stuff is not helping you.




  • No matter what the artificial sweetener, it causes your brain to continue to think about sugar


(26:30) – STEVIA – a natural sweetener that comes from the stevia leaf

  • The productized stevia such as Truvia and the like, it’s not even stevia anymore
  • Pure stevia will still keep your brain on the sugar train
  • YES, it is better than all the others, but it IS NOT OPTIMAL
  • Vinnie would tell his clients absolutely not to use it.
  • Neither Vinnie or Anna like the taste of it anyway


(30:35) – Live Twitter Question: Is there someplace where people can go to get the basic workouts that Vinnie mentions in Fitness Confidential?

  • There are some videos that might be available on YouTube
  • LEGS: Vinnie describes compound movements – moving multiple joints at the same time such as squats and lunges, etc
    • 3 to 5 sets, 1st set with just the bar
    • 12 reps 1st set, 6-8 reps other sets
  • 1x per week legs, 2x per week upper body
  • Upper body: Vinnie does 1 day pushing and 1 day pulling
    • Chest & triceps is push
    • Back & biceps is pull
    • 12-15 reps 1st set, 6-8 reps other sets
    • Pick 3 exercises
  • Lots of ways to mix it up
  • Same for men and women. Women will NOT bulk up doing this unless they’re taking hormones
  • If you are super sore, then wait an extra day or 2 to prevent injury
  • NOTE: you do not need to wait until all the soreness is gone.
  • You can add abs in for a few minutes a week, but other exercises are helping that, such as hiking, etc.

Abs are not made in the gym, they’re made in the kitchen



(1:02:00) – BOOTY: No need to do booty workouts. Leg exercises take care of this

  • Better off doing stair machine and compound leg movements.
  • Kicking out to the side and things like that are not going to make a difference

(1:04:00) – 48 hours of rest between workouts

  • Doesn’t matter if you do cardio before or after your lifting workout. It depends on what you want your “A movement” to be
  • If you’re trying to gain strength in the gym, it’s better to lift weights first
  • Keep your body guessing

(1:06:00) – If a person is crunched for time and only have 20-30 minutes every day…

  • Vinnie see these clients all the time and recommends:
  • Push on 1 day, pull on the next day, legs on the 3rd day and do some aerobics with whatever time they have remaining.

(1:09:00) – Vinnie is going to create a PDF of this and charge a nominal fee for it early this year.


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