Angriest Trainer 289: 1-on-1 with Richard Frissen


Richard Frissen is not an ultra-athlete. Richard is a cabbie in London who found Vinnie’s Podcast while sitting in his cab with his iPad. He was looking for a solution to his weight and health challenges. Since starting NSNG last October, Richard has lost 45 pounds and has started the NSNG UK Facebook Page. Vinnie and Richard discuss the life-changing benefits of living the NSNG life.

Here are some of the highlights…

How Richard Started Out

  • Richard never did well on calorie restricted diets … he always felt hungry
  • He started with a 40 inch waist
  • Lost 12 pounds in the first two weeks of NSNG
  • Lost 40 pounds since last October
  • Never hungry

How Our Eating Habits Have Changed

  • Prior to the 1960’s, we ate basic, healthy food like meats, veggies, fruits
  • 70 years ago, only 3% of the population was considered obese
  • Now we are fixated on needing sugar for energy
  • Chasing the sugar high all day long

Health Benefits of NSNG

  • NSNG heals the body from the inside out
  • Richard had high uric acid and painful gout for 20 years
  • After NSNG, Richard’s blood tests showed normal uric acid levels
  • His constant headaches have been gone for 9 months

Exercising on NSNG

  • As Richard became fat adapted, he had an enormous amount of energy
  • He started out exercising 3-4 times a week for 15 minutes
  • Now he exercises 3-4 times a week for 1 3/4 hours
  • As he became fat adapted, he no longer relied on sugar for energy