Angriest Trainer 260: Stephanie Person and Tim Reed


Vinnie and Anna talk to Stephanie Person about Dietary Ketosis, Intermittent Fasting, PMS, and being a Ketogenic Coach. Seven years ago her mom was diagnosed with aggressive form of brain cancer and was given 3-6 months to live. Her brother threw out all of her toothpaste and her deodorant, lotion and anything that could be toxic and then took her off processed carbohydrates. Then took out some fruit and upped her fat intake. Her mom lost 65 pounds and her cancer stopped growing after they changed her diet. 7 years later the tumor hasn’t grown. It’s just sitting there, asleep.

Here are some of the highlights from the interview…

People are wrecking their bodies with sugar and processed foods.

Organic virgin coconut oil, grass fed butter, grass fed beef, organic pastured eggs, high quality olive oil, and avocados are fantastic sources of high quality fats. Meat fats like lard and pork fat are great for you.

Most people have metabolic damage. Calories are irrelevant due to your metabolism and hormonal balance. It comes down to fitness level, gender and age.

If you’re unhappy you’re going to have elevated levels of cortisol, which means you’re going to have elevated levels of sugar, which creates insulin, which blocks fat breakdown.

When we were hunter-gatherers we didn’t have bread trees.

Pasta, rice and quinoa will increase your blood sugar!

Nobody is a night owl. Everybody should be an early bird!

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TimReedAfter Stephanie’s interview, Vinnie and Anna welcome fat-adapted endurance athlete Tim Reed on the show to discuss going against the grain with endurance nutrition.

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