Dr. Ian Smith Bashed Me On Opie And Anthony

The Diet Games

I love contests. I love competing. It’s the fiber of my being.

I started playing sports as a young man. I still compete in 5Ks, 10Ks, ultra bike racing, skeet shooting, and trap.

No one would ever say I would shy away from a competition.

But there is one kind that I find deplorable. It’s when people compete to lose weight.


A prime example of this would be the biggest loser, and shows like it.

Inadvertently, I found myself in the middle of a weight loss competition. The funny thing is, I didn’t know I was in it. It just kind of happened.

Let me explain. Ian Smith was pushing some crappy diet plan on the Opie and Anthony Show, a nationally-syndicated program.

To prove that his diet works, he got two producers to compete with each other for one month for a prize of $500.

All these gentlemen had to do was live on his pre-packaged food for thirty days. The one who lost the most weight would win.

Ian Smith predicted they would each lose at least twenty pounds.

Within one week, both felt like the Ian Smith plan was impossible to follow. It was based on calorie in, calorie out. The food was crappy, and the exercise program wasn’t suitable for such overweight guys.

One contestant, Roland Campos, happened to grab my book after hearing comedian Bobby Kelly rave about the weight he lost upon reading Fitness Confidential.

Roland realized he should abandon the competition and start eating right.

You can only imagine how upset Ian Smith was about this, literally going on the show and bashing me…a guy he’s never met.

So, laughingly, Ian told the guy if he continued on my diet, he would only gain weight.

The contest ended on Friday. The guy who followed the advice from Fitness Confidential lost 24 pounds (doing little exercise and not feeling hungry once). The producer following Ian’s diet only lost 11 pounds and admitted to struggling to stay on the diet, claiming he was starving all the time and felt perfectly miserable.

That didn’t stop Ian from bashing me again, along with a lot of backpedaling.

I’m happy that Roland lost weight, and I hope he continues to eat right. To be perfectly honest, I don’t give a shit about winning the competition. As I said, I don’t believe in it.

Here’s what I’m offering you. Anyone who buys a copy of Fitness Confidential over the next 14 days and leaves a review on Amazon will be eligible for a prize. I will pick my favorite review and offer that person a one-hour phone consultation…no weight loss contest involved.

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  1. Debbie Lancaster Prim says:

    your the man Vinnie! Love you Lots!!!

  2. Vinnie you've got class. Ian can kiss my class.

  3. Good for you Vinnie and also very impressed that you offer to continue to help both guys after the contest. Just more proof that you are a better man than the "doctor".

  4. Tami Autrey Timmons says:

    That Ian was just awful–I mean ZERO class!

  5. Ellie Stubbs says:

    Go vinnie!!!

  6. Karen Foley Yokley says:

    Yea. Vinnie

  7. Seems like Ian Smith has got nothing to sell but his crappy products, whereas our mate Vinnie has experience, credibility, knowledge and a more than a sense of wanting to give back as evidenced by his willingness to help the guys who are the subject of 'the competition'

  8. Tamara J Scholten says:

    Contests are for the ego…life is for living. Well played :)

  9. Suck it, Ian. Vinnie is the man…..yeaaaaaah.

  10. Kara Vlahos Frazer says:

    Shocked you took this so personally. Roland was stirring the pot and Ian was taking the bait.

  11. One of the things that kind of got overlooked was that Erock said that he stopped drinking soda when he started this. In my experience a good majority of people just doing that and nothing else would cause a 10lb weight loss in 5 weeks. So actually following Ian's diet really didn't contribute much benefit to Erock's weight loss beyond getting off of soda.

  12. I don't think he took it personally. I think he is just trying to make it clear that he doesn't agree with weight loss competitions. His name was just pulled into it. One part that Vinnie didn't mention was how Ian said he would personally help these guys lose weight when this started. After Ian left the show he didn't contact them at all to help, just had his reps send them products. When Vinnie heard what was going on and that Roland wanted to go NSNG he actually took time to coach him instead of just mail him a book, a bottle of Villa Capelli, and a stick of Kerry Gold butter.

  13. Vinny I lost 20 lbs in a month just off of your diet. I plan to continue and succeed based upon your leadership.

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