Angriest Trainer 234: The Great Andrew Weaver and Fruitarian Michael Arnstein


Vinnie and Anna welcome the Reverend Andrew Weaver of the Ironman Year One Podcast and Doughboy to Ironman on the show, then they talk to The Fruitarian Michael Arnstein.

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  1. Dawn Fredryk says:

    I think with my autoimmune issues and adrenal fatigue the sugar would kill me. I used to eat a lot more fruit and it would reek havoc on my blood sugar. PS – I don't get sick either if I eat no sugar, no grain, and sleep enough. ONE cold in 2 years and that's because I regressed with NSNG. Also, you are NOT eating 50 lbs. if you are not eating EVERY single piece of the fruit. You are eating a fraction. Anyhow, done on my soapbox!

  2. Just listened to this, and think the following would have helped clarify the discussion with Mike Arnstein: A) regarding the 25+ lbs/fruit per day, don't forget that fruit, especially things like watermelon, have an inordinate amount of water content. Eating 25lbs of fruit is not like eating 25lbs of carrots, or 25lbs of steak, or 25lbs of rice and beans. Not even close. The horse comparison was interesting, but not applicable because the horse feed weight to horse weight ratio is with feed that is much, much lower water content. If he ate the same number of fruit as dehydrated fruit and gave the weight of that, I think it'd make a lot more sense. B) he clearly missed your point about fat/meat eating in that McDonalds, or even a "healthy" standard American diet is not even close to what a PROPER NG/NS diet is. Or a paleo diet. Or really ANY diet that is 'clean.' Just as you have never done a fruitarian diet, he has never done a proper CLEAN NS/NG diet. Not saying NS/NG is better or worse than fruitarian/paleo/whole foods vegan/whatever.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Cutting out the junk is 90+% of the battle, be you NS/NG, fruitarian/paleo/Atkins/vegan/Pollan-esque, whatever. Enjoy your non-combative approach to interviews.

    -One of your Vegan occasional followers.

  3. Bob Tranquilli says:

    I think you guys finally found some common ground at the end.

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