NSNG 101


At long last, Vinnie and Anna discuss NSNG 101 (No Sugar No Grains for anyone not in the know).  Enjoy and share with your friends!

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  1. Wow great podcast. I learned so much today. Thank you

  2. I think you did pretty good covering all the bases for a newcomer's FAQ podcast.

  3. Saba Rehman says:

    Thank you for the podcast! It cleared up some misconceptions.

  4. ohhhhhh. I'm just a fat F that can't lose weight. sigh. I have been NSNG since 12.26.2012. I have lost 11 pounds in that time. I just finished listening to NSNG 101. Can you tell me why no stevia? I keep trying to adjust for my own body but F I get discouraged sometimes, but I don't fall off the wagon. I've listened to all the podcasts from episode 8 on. I have noticed improvements but not really weight loss. I make Ana look like its easy. I'm over 50 and don't even eat over 3 oz of protein at a time. I think I am going to have to resign myself to being fat.

  5. you need to do more like this or another book !!

  6. Dana Klamecki says:

    Excellent. Simply Excellent. No BS. Just the truth about how your body metabolizes sugar. THANK YOU. I cannot wait to start a NSNG lifestyle.

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