Ruffles and Hormones and Weight Gain, Oh My

Or: Why can’t I eat just one?

By the time you read this, your old pal Vinnie will have given a talk at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles.
I’m told the head-count will be close to 250.
The odd thing is, I’m the only person on the schedule who’s not a doctor. It’ll be three cardiologists and me.
There will also be a book signing of my best-seller Fitness Confidential.
Tonight, as I’m writing this, I’m starting to think of the different topics I can speak on.
I think the way I will open that speech is with one of my favorite stories that usually convinces people that processed grains are among the worst things you can put into your body.
Have you ever sat down to watch a sporting event on television? Maybe a football game, and you decide to have a snack.
You were very prudent at the grocery store and went for the family size of chips. This bag should accommodate an entire family. So, working off the theory of a mother, father and 2.1 kids, we’re talking about 4.1 people who should be eating from this bag.
If you sit down with that bag and start watching the game, you’ll find yourself having chip after chip.

Funny things start happening in your body. You release hormones like insulin and leptin to name a few.

While these hormones are trying to cover the poison you’re putting in your body, they also conspire to make you eat more. Before you know it, you’re halfway through the bag…then two-thirds.

At that point, you start making deals with yourself. You may even put it back in the kitchen.
You tell yourself you’ll finish the bag and never buy another. You might even get to the bottom and lick out the crumbs.

Why am I so weak? Why do I do this to myself?

Maybe you don’t have a choice.
You see, it’s almost impossible to stop our hormones from doing what they’re going to do.

Case in point, a 14-year-old boy right after puberty has so much testosterone in his body, he’ll screw a knot in a tree.
Conversely, a woman going through menopause cannot stop a hot flash. It’ll happen no matter what she does.
Hormones drive us. That’s why you can’t stop eating the Ruffles.

Take a steak. You can be as hungry as you want. If you go to Ruth’s Chris, they’ll bring out a sizzling 8-ounce filet. As soon as you took the last bite, if they brought another 8-ounce steak out, you won’t want it. You’d be done.
So, if it’s a steak, 8 ounces and you’re done. But, if it’s a 16-ounce bag of chips, you’re licking the bottom of the bag.

Think about that the next time you are walking down the grocery aisle.

If it doesn’t end up in your pantry, it won’t end up in your stomach !