Angriest Trainer 180: The Nancy Wolfson Interview


Nancy Wolfson

Vinnie and Anna talk to the lovely Dietitian Cassie and very special in-studio guest Nancy Wolfson of Brain Tracks Audio.

Michael Tortorich‘s Angriest Trainer sidebar blog:

This show kicks off with Vinnie and Anna chatting about recipe ideas. Dietitian Cassie returns to the podcast to discuss advice from Oprah’s magazine. That leads to talk of the Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil types. Guest Nancy Wolfson also joins the conversation. Later, Vinnie and Anna get the scoop on Nancy’s story.

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  1. Best casting shidduch I ever crafted was pairing Anna Vocino with Vinnie Tortorich. Now I'm Talkin' Fitness and tellin' my story on the most wickedly honest podcast in the galaxy:

  2. Ironic note: *I* am not the "Angriest Trainer" on this particular occasion… Bob Ransom, will you let me share the inspiring note you emailed me?

  3. Sure. Go for it!

  4. "I just finished listening to the Vinnie & Anna show with you as the special guest. Great job! Those guys are awesome and I love that show. You made a great guest since you've been there/done that with all the different weight loss plans. And, btw, I'd have NEVER guessed that you'd ever had a weight issue. Never, ever. Surprised the shit outa me.

    I've been following NSNG seriously for a bit over two months. The weight loss has been slow but it's happening and, best of all, hot damn, I'm not starving all the time. What really caught my attention is your mention of your mom and throat clearing. That's something you've yelled at me about since… well, pretty much as long as you've trained me. I'd noticed the same thing of late — I haven't needed to clear my throat as much — wasn't bright enough to put two and two together until you mentioned it. I also have been cutting way down on my caffeine intake and that's helped my voice stay more solid throughout the day. (It used to get scratchy and hoarse every afternoon.)

    Anyhow, hope things are well with you and that you'll be a semi-regular guest on the show.

    Have a great weekend!
    Bob Ransom"

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