Angriest Trainer 174: Gestational Diabetes, Weight Loss Clinics, and Simba’s Record


Vinnie and Anna talk to Lindsay Thompson about gestational diabetes and overweight newborns, Simba Ugarte, and discuss this apology letter from a former weight-loss clinic worker.

The Beautiful Lindsay Thompson:

Lindsay Thompson

Craig Ferguson on Advertising:

Simba Ugarte’s Longest Human Chain Across A Body Of Water at Lucky’s Lake Swim (photo evidence!):

simba lake swim

Michael Tortorich‘s Angriest Trainer sidebar blog:

This episode kicks off with Anna doing pushups. Vinnie and Anna then bring up a different kind of “baby boom” – overweight babies. That leads to an interview with Lindsay Thompson about gestational diabetes. They talk about how Lindsay manages it through diet and exercise. Simba Ugarte also returns to the show. They talk about the human chain, as seen in the bottom photo. Later, Vinnie goes over how he would operate a reality television show.

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  1. Vinnie, please please stop using the word "retard". It does no good and causes pain in many of us. Other than that, you know I luv ya. scottyO-Aspen

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