Angriest Trainer 153: Fasting, NSNG, and Tara Newman


Villa Cappelli Tom Barbieri

Photo from Superfan Tom Barbieri

Vinnie and Anna discuss The 5:2 Diet, a NSNG primer, and chat with Superfan Tara Newman about HR and wellness programs in Corporate America.  Dean Lorey pops in at the end to talk more FITNESS CONFIDENTIAL.

Michael Tortorich‘s Angriest Trainer sidebar blog:

Racist Paula Deen is back. You didn’t think she would leave so quickly, right? Vinnie and Anna also talk about the new phone consultations. Later, they go after fad diets. Superfan Tara Newman’s interview delves into the world of human resources and wellness programs. Late in the show, they chat with Dean Lorey about the new book.