Angriest Trainer 152: Fitness Confidential, Ketogenic Diets, and Jack LaLanne


Vinnie and Anna discuss parental validation, Jack LaLanne, the scientific benefits of ketogenic diets, and hiking.


Michael Tortorich‘s Angriest Trainer sidebar blog:

Vinnie and Anna talk about the new hot fitness book, Fitness Confidential. They also discuss how families react to someone writing a book. Vinnie recounts conversations with yours truly, and his mom. Later, they get into an article about ketogenic diets. Vinnie also talks about his hero, Jack LaLanne. Late in the episode, they chat about hiking.

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  1. Mo Fehn says:

    Circa 1961 —saw my best friend's mom standing in front of the television holding onto a chair and lifting her leg as if she were a marionette, all performed to the encouraging words of Jack LaLanne. I thought she was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen, and that was the beginning of my interest in "exercise." Fast forward 12 or so years, and I would don my black leotard and tights and exercise with Jack LaLanne. I LOVED HIM! It's only fitting that my 2013 hero, VINNIE, was also motivated by that very same man.

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