Angriest Trainer 147: Lonnie Beauchamp and the American DumbAss Association


Vinnie and Anna talk to Lonnie Beauchamp and his journey through type 2 diabetes.  Also discussed:  the difference between a nutritionist and a dietician, why we need to eat at all if we’re fat adapted, and how a quick walk or run around the block lowers blood sugar.

Michael Tortorich‘s Angriest Trainer sidebar blog:

This episode features an interview with Lonnie Beauchamp, who discusses diabetes and the ADA. They go over the diet guidelines prescribed by the association. Later, Vinnie and Anna give shout-outs to superfans. In the question and answer section, Vinnie talks about the body running on stored fat.

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  1. These chocolate milk ads make me want to vomit on so many levels. scottyO- Aspen

  2. Kory Seder says:

    I've disregarded the ADA diet in lieu of keto-adaptation. I'm a type I diagnosed last year at age 33. I'm an endurance athlete and just put in back to back weekends with 120 mile + hilly bike rides. No insulin and not carbs while riding. (with the exception of a little UCAN).

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