Angriest Trainer 145: CF Industries, How Often to Exercise, The Best Plant Fats


Vinnie and Anna discuss the tragedy at CF Industries in Donaldsonville, how often we should exercise, and what are the best plant fats to eat.

Michael Tortorich‘s Angriest Trainer sidebar blog:

Starting this episode, Vinnie tells Anna about interesting aspects of his hometown. For example, he talks about the Dick Nixons, the quirky band from Donaldsonville. You can see some of their finest work in the video above. Vinnie then talks about the deadly blast that occurred at CF Industries. Later, Anna and Vinnie answer the question, “How often should I exercise?” They conclude the show focusing on plant fat sources.

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  1. Vin, thanks for the heads up on Dr. Lustig and his book "Fat Chance". It's freaking brilliant. Not only does he know his shit but he also knows that he knows his shit. Saving up to make a "donation" or better said, "to support the cause." I like how you two roll. It's an extremely important message. Keep it up and thanks. scottyO-Aspen

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