Angriest Trainer 137: The Simba Ugarte Interview


Vinnie and Anna talk to triathlete Superfan Simba Ugarte about blacks in endurance sports, racketeering, Grape Nehi, and Sister Madonna Buder.

Simba Ugarte Iron Man

Simba Ugarte

Michael Tortorich sums up the podcast in the My Uncle Vinnie Blog Wrap Up:

After kicking off the show with some Dr. John, Vinnie and Anna go right into a discussion on triathlons. Superfan and triathlete Simba Ugarte calls in during Vinnie’s rant about sugary sports drinks versus the revolutionary original sports drink, water. They get into a discussion on the involvement of black athletes in triathlons.


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  1. Andrew Weaver says:

    Loved the interview. About the Sister, I am going to see her next weekend at Eagleman. I'm equally impressed and depressed that an octogenarian is likely going to crush my time. I am sure I will see her out there. When she passes me.

  2. I love the podcast and I am a superfan from the Philippines. I am trying out VINNIE's NO SUGAR NO GRAINS. I am taking out the sugar first and reducing my grain consumption. I am 5 days into it and have extreme cravings for sugar- cola, chocolate, etc. I now have cough and colds and a little feverish. I was wondering if this could be some form of DETOX symptoms? Did anyone else experience the same thing when they took out sugar and grains?

    On a different note. I heard you were drinking Scotch- isn't Scotch technically a grain? Isn't it called malt or GRAIN whiskey? I'm not a Scotch drinker and may be wrong.

    • Hi Victor, I've never heard of anyone getting a cough or cold from cutting out sugar… I'm afraid you've got a bug. Some may feel flu like symptoms for a day or so if they relied on heavy sugar. Yes, Scotch is made from carbs, but they are distilled down to nothing. I mention that I have the occasional Scotch, because I believe in full disclosure… I'm not one of those fitness guys that pretend to be better than everyone else. Two things to note here… I'm not a big drinker and If you are going to have a drink, it's better to have distilled alcohol than wine or beer. Cheers!!!

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