Angriest Trainer 136: Lapbands, Orthotics & Evil Sugar Cravings


Vinnie and Anna discuss a lapband follow-up, orthotics and running shoes, pre and post workout fueling, and the number one way to get rid of sugar cravings forever.

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We are not linking to the Dinah Shore classic as it’s now sponsored by Big Food.

Burning Man.

Michael Tortorich sums up the podcast in the My Uncle Vinnie Blog Wrap Up:

Vinnie and Anna lead off the show talking about Burning Man, the week-long event held in Nevada every year. They also talk about weight-loss surgeries, such as lapband and the like. Later, they get into orthotics and the tactics of shoe stores. Toward the end of this episode, they focus on sugar cravings.

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  1. Vin, would you please comment on a podcast your opinions on the following two items. 1) Please research and tell how you feel about the chocoperfection bars that Jimmie Moore promotes. Are they good for you and why or why not? 2) Fruitarian Michael Arnstein. I heard his interview on Rich Roll podcast and I gotta say this guy is an enigma! How does he have so much success on a diet extremely high in fruit sugar? It contradicts what you and I believe in. How is this possible? Thanks Vin. Superfan scottyO- Aspen.

    • Scott, the simple answer is that about 20% of the folks walking around can get away with eating straight sugar if they want to and not get fat from it… Recent studies show that they can suffer from fatty liver disease though. All of the exercise helps them to not be fat, but may not stop the disease!

  2. Vin and Anna, thank you for your mouths and courage. Like TLC once said, "Very Necessary". Helps me keep my temper down. I recently saw a picture of my first cousin on Facebook who I haven't seen in years. He was as big as a doublewide and had that shameful "I give up" look on his face. Even worse, he doesn't even know how or why he got like that. Really pisses me off. That's where we come in. We know why, how, and how to make a comeback. Good intentions-get 'em back. I get it and I appreciate it. 147 pound 31 inch waist super fan scottyO-Aspen.

  3. Kory Seder says:

    I'd guess in this case, this frutitarian is actually benefiting from the high levels of fructose ingestion which we learned in The Bitter Truth, leads to 30% of those calories to be stored as fat. This guy is probably actually getting more 'fat' from sugar than the 80/10/10 suggests. I'd like to see his bloodword during the late stages of his ultra events. He's got something running differently than a majority of people.

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