Angriest Trainer 126: The Antioxidant Myth and Massive Attack


Vinnie and Anna discuss this article on the marketing of antioxidants, the most insane stadium foods, and a redux on protein powder.  Low Carb Shark blog here.


Pulled Pork Parfait

Michael Tortorich sums up the podcast in the My Uncle Vinnie Blog Wrap Up:

Vinnie leads off this episode talking about his views on Coca-Cola. Anna and Vinnie then go over some of the most outlandish foods available. Later, they get into the marketing of antioxidants. Vinnie brings up a conversation he and yours truly had about secondhand smoke. He then makes an argument that his generation was always around smoking, so therefore it’s not so bad. I disagree. The Massive Attack reference in the title of this podcast references Vinnie’s ongoing obsession with the song “Diamond in the Back.”


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  1. Some comments on the latest show!
    Firstly about me – I lost 7lbs last week! WTF! No sugar no grains! That is all!
    Hines Ward has entered Kona IM as a sponsored athlete by Chocolate Milk of course. Mirinda Carfrae is also sponsored by these guys. I'm not sure why you need to add sugar and chocolate to milk. By all means drink it post race but milk alone is probably just as great!

    Oh and I have a blog – it entertains me, and it's more of a way to keep me honest if I think there's a possibility that anyone may read my efforts I'm more likely to stick with it.

    Anyway – read away if you're bored or can't sleep!

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