Angriest Trainer 125: Bob Harper, Stevie Ray Vaughn, & Bill Meadows


Vinnie and Anna give shout-outs and answers to Superfan questions.

UK Mars Bar Ad from 1983:

Michael Tortorich sums up the podcast in the My Uncle Vinnie Blog Wrap Up:

Vinnie’s love of introducing his favorite music on the show continues early in this one. He kicks off this podcast with a clip of guitar great Stevie Ray Vaughn. About midway through the show, they play back an old Mars candy ad from 30 years ago (link above). Vinnie then rants on Bob Harper. This leads to Vinnie’s update on why his book has been delayed. Later, they get into some superfan shout-outs.

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  1. Vin, Muscle Milk(not the light version, but the full strength) has 3 grams of sugar in an 11 ounce serving. That ain't a lot. It may have other problems, but to much sugar ain't one of them. Please get your facts straight when you are slamming products. Mis-information is a bad thing. Thank you. scottyO-Aspen

    • Hi Scott, The label I just read, showed 4 grams of sugar, but that does not tell the full story. Notice, it has 12 grams of carbs and reading into their "proprietary blend" they are sneaking in fructose. The problem is that it all adds up to crap! Their are products out there that are closer to pure protein and that is what I was suggesting on the show. By the way, I'm not a huge fan of any of the engineered foods. I get that they are needed while out training for convenience, but once you get home, it's better to get real food.

  2. Dammit always had a thing for Bob Harper – illusion shattered. Quite fancied him kicking my ass! Stevie Ray Vaughn total class. Taken way too soon.

  3. Julia Finn says:

    Entertaining as always… I just started listening to a podcast put on by chef Erica WIdes. I think both of you will enjoy this one (especially Anna) It is indifferent, veru amusing and informative:

  4. Thanks for clarifying about Muscle Milk Vin. Unfortunately, you are probably right. I have a soft spot for Muscle Milk as I am acquainted with the owners. The truth usually hurts…ouch! scottyO-Aspen

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