Angriest Trainer 119: BioFuels, The “Refresher,” and Stretching


Vinnie and Anna discuss being preppy in the 80s, biofuels, the “Refresher,” and the importance and how-tos of stretching.  NYT article on stretching studies here: Reasons Not To Stretch.

Michael Tortorich sums up the podcast in the My Uncle Vinnie Blog Wrap Up:

In this episode, Vinnie talks about his days at Newman School in New Orleans. A former student recently found him through Facebook. That leads to a trip down memory lane about Vinnie’s good old days as a strength and conditioning coach in the 80s. Later, Vinnie goes off on a rant about the Starbucks “Refresher.” Down the line in this podcast, Vinnie talks about First Lady Michelle Obama, who recently invited some kids to the White House. Vinnie and Anna also go into detail about stretching.

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  1. Mary Vesper says:

    Wow – exciting news about Brazil using sugar as a biofuel! When is this country going to realize that the vested interests in profit from the oil and food industries are what's keeping people from feeling their best? Health and wealth don't go hand in hand in the US.

  2. Thank you Vin and Anna!! You have really helped me get focused on kicking sugar and grain to the curb. When you get it, it's like a frying pan to the head. Weighing in at a lean 143 lbs. and eating like a horse. Time to put this fat burning machine to the test- Desert Rat 50 trail race on April 20th. Some positive mojo please and thanks. Time to bring the hot stuff. scottyO-Aspen

  3. Carlos Aponte says:

    Brazil has been doing this for years all ready! You go and all you can see in these arwas is a green desert. Only sugar cane and no sound of birds anywhere… Very odd…

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