Angriest Trainer 114: Juicing, Gum, & Vitamins


Vinnie and Anna discuss juicing, chewing gum, vitamins & supplements, and how to find a trainer.  Here is Andrew Weaver’s excellent blog post.

And just because you can never have too much of this beauty:


Vinnie, circa 1992

Michael Tortorich sums up the podcast in the My Uncle Vinnie Blog Wrap Up:

For some reason, the infamous beach photo of Vinnie comes up again (if you must see it, take a look above). Early in the show, Vinnie and Anna also talk about pop diva Beyonce, who is getting ready for an upcoming tour. They go over all of the foods and beverages the singer plans to cut from her diet. Later, Vinnie answers a question about how he transformed from a 225-pound football player to a 170-pound athlete. Also, Vinnie gives tips on choosing the right personal trainer. Later in the show, Vinnie and Anna go into detail about vitamins.