Angriest Trainer 111: The Villa Cappelli Interview


Vinnie and Anna talk to Paul Cappelli and Steven Crutchfield, owners and olive oil makers at Villa Cappelli (our new sponsor).

Michael Tortorich sums up the podcast in the My Uncle Vinnie Blog Wrap Up:

Early in this podcast, Vinnie talks about a common theme he has seen at the gym – going from “zero to a thousand” in a minute. “I take my time to break into it,” he says. Vinnie then gets into a photo shoot yours truly took on – the Baton Rouge 5K Foam Fest. “It’s perverts’ new way of doing a wet T-shirt contest,” as Vinnie says. Believe you me, there was plenty of foam…and mud. Later, Vinnie and Anna call Steven Crutchfield and Paul Cappelli to talk about Villa Cappelli (check out the link above). They go into detail about all things olive oil.

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  1. another great show. on the topic of Olive Oil, I knew about the reports on Italian Olive Oils that are diluted and the problem was I don;t know how to tell if any of these olive oils in the market are the good ones SO I ended up just purchasing California Olive Ranch Olive Oils which was tested by UC Davis to have pure olive oils only. Now that I know Villa Cappelli then I would def try those oils.

  2. Anna, I thought you were going to add the list or the good and bad olive oils here. Where is that list?

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