Angriest Trainer 106: Stretching, Pinch an Inch & The Greg Vick Interview




Vinnie and Anna discuss when to stretch, more aerobic training, Special K Pinch An Inch, and an interview with Greg Vick, Navy man extraordinaire.

Michael Tortorich sums up the podcast in the My Uncle Vinnie Blog Wrap Up:

In this episode, Vinnie and Anna go over stretching (photos above). They then talk about the Special K “Pinch An Inch” campaign. After discussing the cruise industry, they mention Donna Simpson (video above) and Oprah. Later they hear from Greg Vick, who has lost weight by cutting sugars and grains.

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  1. Greg Vick says:

    I just have to say that your special guest on this episode was awesome. ;-)

    I also want to follow up on a few things. First, there were a lot of people who were exercising. The ship had three gyms that I knew of that had various exercise equipment. There were also people running in the hanger bay. So there were a lot of people who were trying.

    All food was listed by calorie count on the boards. They listed total calories, fat grams, total carbohydrates and total protein. And there were a number of people that I met that were trying to lose weight. But it was calorie in and calorie out.

    I ended up eating some protein at every meal… and a huge spinach salad with lots of other veggies, balsamic vinegar and olive oil (lunch and dinner). For breakfast, I had my egg yoke scramble (3 whole eggs + 2 egg yokes). So you can eat healthy on the ship, you just need to pick and choose to make sure that you eat the right foods.

    I also had an interesting conversation with one of the Dr.'s on the ship. I can't remember his name, but we were talking about diets, and he is also a fan of the idea of no sugar and no grains because of the lack of insulin spikes. So that tells me that there are Dr.'s that know the best approach, but I don't think they have any control over the menu as far as what is being served on the ship.

    Anyway, it was an interesting ride since it was my first ride on an aircraft carrier since 1998.

    • My feeling is that people want to do the right thing. It's great to hear that there was a Doctor on board that was aware of what needs to be done… It's a start! Greg, thanks for coming on the show and shedding light!

  2. Dumb and dumber photo ( Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels ) Anna …

  3. Rose Nelson says:

    Just wondering why you find it important to talk about the number of Black listeners on your podcasts? I find it really off putting. Why does it matter what color my skin is if I'm listening to your podcast? I thought we were a little beyond that.

    • Hi Rose, I'm assuming that you are the same person who wrote about this on iTunes. First, please except my apology for offending you. My intentions are not to offend anyone. In past shows, I've talked about how you just don't see African Americans in aerobic sports (marathon, triathlon, cycling, etc.) I would like to see this change. Whenever I notice a person of color is following what we are doing, I've made note of it on the show… The idea was to make more folks aware of this. I hope that this will clear it up. Also, I notice Boulder Co. in your title… I love that area!

  4. Elspeth Greene says:

    Go Vinnie Tortorich, with your pigeon pose! One of my favorites.

  5. Looooooove pigeon pose!

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