Angriest Trainer 105: Thyroid Issues and Unfunny Polish Jokes


Vinnie and Anna address thyroid issues, diabetes, Hashimoto’s, and endocrinologists.  A quick interview with marketing expert and blogger Kimberly Bondi Grabinski devolves.

Michael Tortorich sums up the podcast in the My Uncle Vinnie Blog Wrap Up:

In this episode, Vinnie shares our idea of the common Starbucks beverage. It’s not just about coffee, it’s like drinking ice cream. He references a doctor he’s brought up several times before on the podcast, Dr. Robert Lustig, the author of Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease. Vinnie and Anna then talk about diets. “You should never go hungry,” Vinnie says. “If you are going hungry, you’re doing something wrong.” Later they talk to Kimberly Bondi Grabinski who has helped get the Vinnie Tortorich Facebook page updated. To go directly to the page, see Check it out when you get a chance, and feel free to “like” the page and share some of Vinnie’s quotes.