Angriest Trainer 81: The Coca-Cola Rant


Vinnie and Anna discuss the newest ad campaign from Coca-Cola as well as the top 30 diets as ranked by US News and World Report.

Michael Tortorich sums up the podcast in the My Uncle Vinnie Blog Wrap Up:

Andrea Anders sits in for this episode. Anna begins the show talking about matching voices of celebrities. They then turn to the news about the Coca-Cola ad campaign. Following their discussion, they take a look at the top diets from an article. Getting frustrated with the diets on the list, Vinnie resorts to calling yours truly. I talk about how diets generally have flaws which lead to failure. And despite what Vinnie says, I do my own laundry!

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  1. What do you think of the 8 Hour Diet?

    • I don't like it for several reasons, but the number 1 reason would be because of it's "gimicky" style. The problem with most diets, including this one, is that it relies on trickery! Like most things in health and fitness, they took a small piece of truth and bastardized it. Will it work? Well, most of these quack diets work over short periods, but they never do well past a week or two. The diet never takes the blame for it failing, it's always you who didn't have the discipline!

    • That's what I should've guessed

  2. Julia Finn says:

    I heard you comment that you don't know any healthy vegans, does that include Rich Roll?

    • Sorry Julia, I was making a blanket statement that I should have corrected. I know a lot of healthy vegans including Rich Roll. As a matter of fact, I did his podcast today and you can hear it at or on iTunes.

  3. Vinnie – Love the podcast! Very informative and entertaining. I started following the no grains no sugars and hope to drop about 10-15 pounds before the cycling season here in Michigan. Going great but I'm wondering though if I'm still eating too much during the day. I've heard you mention that you sometimes eat 3 eggs in the AM, a coffee with heavy cream in the afternoon and then a piece of fish with veggies in the evening. I know you don't count calories but if you did, that would probably only come to less than 1200 calories and you have a very active job. What does a typical day of eating look like? Thanks and keep up the good work. Say "Hi" to Anna.

    • Hi Walt, I just had this conversation yesterday with someone who knows me very well. The fact of the matter, is that I do eat way more than 1200 cals per day… It's more like 3,000. Most of those extra cals, come from the second and third cup of coffee and heavy cream… Cheese, my fat shake, which have tons of fresh greens along with a large amount of coconut oil and nuts. I also snack on raw nuts on most days.

  4. Hi Vinnie – Don't you worry that all heavy cream will raise your LDL? I'm wondering the same about Dave Asprey's butter coffee.

    • Not at all… And more and more, Cardiologist the world over are coming around to this way of thinking! I have several clients who have gotten off of statins once they started eating this way.

  5. Mike, you're the man! I'm proud that you've been able to lose the weight and good job that you didn't get too mad at your uncle on this podcast. Keep up the good work with your photography.

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