Angriest Trainer 69: The Dean Lorey Interview


A very special interview with the great Dean Lorey!

Michael Tortorich sums up the podcast in the My Uncle Vinnie Blog Wrap Up:

The man who is literally running Hollywood, Dean Lorey, is in studio. They start the show talking about Gay Andy coming over for Christmas, but Dean won’t be able to make it because he’ll be in Hawaii. Vinnie then receives a call from his girlfriend, Serena Scott Thomas, who is in the middle of Christmas shopping hell. Vinnie later talks about Dr. Oz, who he calls a walking, talking infomercial. The conversation then turns to Dean’s beard, which draws comparisons to comedian Brian Posehn. Vinnie and Dean tell the story of how they wrote the book together, including mood lighteners like Family Guy and Shakira, particularly, the “Hips Don’t Lie” video. They later talk about if a movie were made Vinnie would be played by Daniel Day Lewis and Dean by Paul Giamatti. They then compare their southern roots, as both Dean and Anna have lived in Georgia.